Meet our all-in one solution for hygiëne in public spaces.

Introducing the PeeWipe Dispenser, our flagship product, reshaping men’s hygiene in public restrooms. Effortlessly wipe away residual drops and experience freshness and confidence with PeeWipe today.

Technical specifications

PeeWipe Dispenser, crafted from premium-grade steel, guarantees robustness and hygiene. Its intuitive design offers simple installation and refill, ensuring a lasting solution for men’s personal care.

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Our PeeWipe Dispenser, made from high-quality steel, combines durability, easy maintenance, and sleek design for lasting hygiene.
Unveil lasting cleanliness with our PeeWipe Dispenser’s impressive capacity – accommodating up to 60, 3-PLY wipes and a 25L waste compartment, reducing the frequency of refills.
Environmentally Friendly
Through our commitment to sustainability, the PeeWipe Dispenser embodies eco-conscious design. Through its manual operation and careful material choices, it promotes hygiene and protects our planet.
The PeeWipe dispenser operates manually, ensuring a reliable and hygienic dispensing mechanism.
Elevating convenience, our PeeWipe Dispenser ensures a seamless refilling process – quickly and simply reload up to 60, 3-PLY wipes and manage the 25L waste compartment, making maintenance a breeze.
Elevate your restroom experience with our user-friendly PeeWipe Dispenser. Easily mountable on a range of surfaces via screws or adhesive, it effortlessly adapts to diverse restroom designs, delivering hygiene where it matters most.